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A work-focused members club

We believe people do their best thinking when they’re able to let go of the day’s routine and allow themselves the luxury of focus. From our SoHo flagship and beyond, one promise lives at the heart of every location: The Malin offers beautiful neighborhood spaces that enable your best work.
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Every element of The Malin is designed to inspire. From handcrafted furnishings to tech-powered meeting rooms, we balance style with purpose, energy with warmth, form with function — because beautiful spaces make it easy to work hard.
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Neighborhood workspaces surrounded by thoughtful design, not distraction.

The Journal


The co-founders of the hit Nashville dinner spot talk about their Japanese farmhouse-inspired concept, staying approachable, and their revolutionary mission to fire up change within the restaurant industry.

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Is Bad Office Bathroom Lighting Ruining My Self-Esteem?

Amid the growing discourse on workplace design and amenities, one frequently neglected aspect is the bathroom. It's no secret that most office spaces have horrendous bathroom lighting. Liana Satenstein delves into how this impacts your work and mood, with psychological data to back her up.

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Three People Pushing Music Forward

In the music industry, the roles of those behind the scenes are often as impactful as the artists themselves. From managers propelling their artists to the critics shaping how we view the music to the publicists making sure it’s in front of our faces. In the grand world of the music and media industry, there are three particular people who are reshaping the way we discover, consume, and interact with music. 

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private offices

Enclosed options for teams with complimentary business address and mail handling.  

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Private, tech-powered spaces for meetings, presentations, and intimate events.